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11-13 October 2021, Budapest, Hungary

DET2021 Keynote abstracts

10th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology

11 October, 2021, Monday

Revitalizing human-machine interaction for the advancement of society

Dr. Youichi Nonaka, Center for Technology Innovation - Production Engineering, Hitachi, Ltd, Japan

Our world that has dramatically increased labor productivity through mechanization and automation. On the other hand, the world that has changed labor structure through mechanization and automation. So, how should human and machine interact in the future digital society? Regards to this, a Germany-Japan joint project was launched in acatech, National Academy of Science and Engineering in Germany, published a discussion paper. In this lecture, the outline and application examples will be introduced. 

12 October, 2021, Tuesday

We deliver digital: advanced analytics approaches supporting efficient design, planning and operation of distribution networks in the semiconductors industry

Dr. Dávid Gyulai, in collaboration with Suraj Rao, Shang-Chen Wu, Joseph Hodges, Crystal Zhu, Western Digital Technologies, USA

Semiconductors supply and distribution networks are extremely complex to manage well, due to the high-mix and high-volume nature of the market, ever changing product portfolio and rapid development of the applied high-tech processes. In addition to the everyday challenges of managing these networks, the global pandemic and chip-shortage exposed extreme challenges to maintain efficient operations and on-time delivery of end-products. Digital analytics assets support companies to come up with rapid and high-quality solutions to respond to these challenges: the talk will present a set of advanced network design, delivery and planning and execution support tools. These tools combine optimization techniques with data analytics and simulation, leveraging Big Data and IoT and flexible logistics service models as enablers. Various examples will be presented, how these techniques can support to gain insight, oversight and especially foresight in the global logistics network of a semiconductors/IT hardware manufacturer. The overall objective of these tools is to maximize service level, delivering digital products and services to customers just-in-time, in high quality and at reasonable costs, even besides the ever changing external influencing factors.

13 October, 2021, Wednesday

New curing principles and technologies in composite part manufacturing and cultivation of innovative talents 

Prof. Yingguang Li, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites with outstanding mechanical properties are increasingly used in aerospace products. Currently, aerospace composite parts are mainly fabricated using autoclave curing technologies, where the materials are placed in enclosed chambers and heated by inside circulating airflow. The technology has a number of problems which restrict further improvement of product quality and manufacturing efficiency, due to the large thermal inertia and uncertain temperature gradients. This presentation will introduce new high pressure microwave curing technologies and equipment developed by the research team for processing composites with high quality requirement, short time and low cost. The characteristics of the traditional autoclave technologies, and the new high-pressure microwave curing technologies developed in this research will be compared and analysed. The microwave curing mechanism, intelligent temperature control and mechanical performance of carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites during the experiments will be presented. The cultivation of innovative talents will be also discussed, through the introduction of how to develop young researchers especially postgraduate students in engineering research by a leading research group in the Chinese higher education and industrial environment.

Conference Chair

József Váncza
(SZTAKI, Budapest, Hungary)

Past DET chairs

James Gao (University of Greenwich)
Yingguang Li (Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics)

DET General Chair

Paul Maropoulos
(Queen's University Belfast, UK)



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